We are excited for you to join us at the University of Maryland for The 66th National Puppetry Festival and Academic Symposium. Puppeteers, enthusiasts, educators, and friends will all be gathering to celebrate the puppetry arts and experience our first festival together in four years. The festival will focus on the theme of Generations, honoring those that went before, celebrating those who are with us now, and encouraging those to come. A time to pass the torch...

The National Festival will offer a variety of programming in addition to the core festival activities scheduled for July 18-22, 2023. These will include ticketed public performances, Puppetry In Education and Therapy Symposium Day, a Puppet Parade, and a variety of community partnership days culminating in Puppeteers of America Community Day Celebration.

Registration: There are currently two ways to register for the full festival. 1. PofA and UNIMA-USA members may currently take advantage of a payment plan to reserve their place and workshops now, while paying over six months. They may do so by selecting the option below to lead them to membership verification. 2. Members of the public or those who wish to register immediately may scroll down to the bottom of this page and start the process on our WHOVA Event page.

You are encouraged to purchase membership to take advantage of a wonderful member discount while supporting our important mission!

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NPF23 Payment Plan FAQ.pdf 

  Payment Plan Festival Registration

Registration FAQ

How To Register:  When registering for the festival, you will see many options before you. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what to expect and how to move through it. 

First, you will select the MEMBER or NON-MEMBER registration price level. 

After that, you will see some optional add-ons for things like a parking pass or merchandise or the ability to book a SINGLE or DOUBLE room to cover your housing for the duration of the festival, all with an additional charge.

Then, you will see a large listing of all of the workshops we are offering for the festival. We would advise that you first go through the Workshops page  and plan your selections (more details on workshops below). You will then be taken to the registration survey and payment pages.

Registration Fees & Price Schedule: 

Early Registration: 10/5/22 - 12/31/22

Member registration- $575

Public registration- $650

Regular Registration: 1/1/23 - 2/28/23

Member registration- $625

Public registration- $675

Late Registration: 3/1/23 - 5/1/23

Member registration- $650

Public registration- $700

Registration closes on 5/1/23 at 11:59pm CT

Housing: University Housing accommodation from 7/18 - 7/23 2023 is available in either private (Single) or shared (Double) suite-style offering. Housing includes room and board. Meals provided start with Dinner on Tuesday, July 18th and end with Breakfast on July 23rd. 5 breakfasts,  4 lunches, 5 Dinners, and all catering special activities are covered. Meals cannot be separated from the housing package.

The Festival is unable to offer shortened or additional days outside of the provided date range. We are currently negotiating a room rate at the College Park Marriott (just steps away from the Clarice Performing Arts Center) for those with early arrival or departure needs. The Festival will also offer a limited amount of day passes in March of 2023. 

More details will be shared soon.

Performances: All attendees will be assigned to a group in order to manage theatre capacity. Both groups will see the same performances but in alternate presentations. Should festival registration reach a high level, a third group may be created and assigned to a different offering. We encourage you to register as soon as possible.

Our keynote programs, evening performances, and late night offerings can accommodate all groups.

Workshop Instructions: You will find a large listing of all The Workshops we are offering for the Festival Here. We would advise that you first go through the Workshops page on our website to make your selections and plan your agenda. 


Session 1 9:00am - 10:15am (One Workshop)

Session 2 10:45am - 12:00pm (Second Workshop)


Sessions 1 & 2 9:00am - 12:00pm (One Workshop)

For clarification, each day of the festival you will be able to choose from TWO SCHEDULED WORKSHOP SESSIONS. For these two sessions of workshops, you have the option to take two separate workshops (each of them lasting approximately an hour and fifteen minutes) OR you have the option to sign up for one single workshop that lasts for the entirety of that time (lasting approximately three hours). 

Here’s where it may get a bit tricky. There are several workshops that last several days. These are called INTENSIVES. (On the Workshops page, you'll see in their title 'Day X of X" to differentiate them from the single workshop days.) For these workshops, they are typically TWO SESSIONS PER DAY and they last multiple days. If you select an intensive, it is suggested that you attend all scheduled sessions. This helps to ensure the continuity of the course, and helps make sure you get the most out of the experience. 

For example, if you decided to attend Tholpava Making & Performance Techniques Workshop with Rahul Koonathara, you can see that workshop is a 2-Day Workshop that consists of TWO SESSIONS per day (because it is listed on the schedule to occur at 9:00 - 12:00, which is a block that covers both session times). Because the workshop lasts for two days and covers two sessions/day, you cannot take another workshop during those two days. Your two sessions/day will be booked. However, you can sign up for another workshop starting Friday, because Rahul’s workshop will end after Thursday.

Similar to this example, if you choose to attend a 4-Day Workshop, know that this will occupy your entire workshop week. Once you have signed up for a 4-Day Workshop, your festival registration is complete, as you have your 2 SESSIONS/day for FOUR FESTIVAL DAYS covered. For example, if you choose to take Calaveritas Workshop with Fernando Gurrola, you will ONLY sign up for this workshop, as it will last for the entire duration of the allotted workshop times. (9:00 - 12:00 for four days).

SO, choose your own adventure! You can take single sessions all week and sample a ton of exciting offerings OR take an intensive that allows you to go deeper and maybe create a full, new performance piece or puppet in the process, OR you can even mix and match the two - take a 3 day intensive Wednesday - Friday followed by two individual workshop sessions on the last day, Saturday. 

The choice is yours! No matter what you decide, it will be a great one. With this level of talent driving all of our workshop offerings, you really can’t lose. 

But if you do really need help, please reach out to We can’t make the decision for you, but we can help you with the technical aspects if needed.

Register on WHOVA Below:

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