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Puppeteers of America

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Fall 1992 Volume 44, No. 1


Psychedelic Shadows by Ernest Mauer

Vietnamese Water Puppets by Steve Abrams

Stone Circle by Mike Malkin

2nd National puppetry Conference by Anderw Periale

Bread & puppet by Corwin Georges

New England Marionettes by Andrew Periale

Tradition Lives on by Valerie Rock

Best of Both World by Mark Levenson

Rhyme can be Sublime by Jean Mattson

Keep it Light by Lucy Morton

On Tour by Donald Devet

Tears for the NEA by Paul Vincent-Davis: Iowa City by Amy Kolen

Tributes to Vincent Fabek, Darrell Osher, James Patrick, Michael King, David Sears

Backcover: Walton & O’Rourke

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