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    Payment Plan

    In an effort to make the attending the National Festival approachable for as many members as possible, we are trying a new registration category. PAYMENT PLANS.

    Our new member software allows us to verify your membership before being able to access this rate. Our friends at UNIMA-USA will be provided a code to take advantage of the same wonderful benefit. Registration is below this important information.

    From 10/5/22 - 11/28/22 members will be able to order their registration and housing plans through the payment plan to take advantage of the festivals lowest price offering. The combined cost of these items plus the 4% transaction fee are combined and broken into 6 payments. When you place your initial deposit of 1 payment, you will be offered a confirmation registration email. This email will contain a discount code to be used on the main registration site found on the website and linked below (WHOVA) to complete your registration.

    How does this work?: Any registration placed between the listed dates will be broken into 6 payments. The first payment is your order today. We will then bill you for the next 5 following months on the 1st with the entire month to resolve the balance. EXAMPLE: Serge registers for the payment plan on October 15th. They will pay the initial deposit and will receive a confirmation code to use on the WHOVA site. On Nov 1st, Serge will receive an emailed invoice from PofA with the next payment listed. Serge will have until Nov 30 to resolve the balance. Serge would then receive a following invoice on Dec 1st. Your last payment will be in March or April depending on your order.

    What isn’t covered in the plan?: You will pay for any add-on costs such as parking or workshop fees that you select in WHOVA at the time of registration. These are clearly marked in the section “add-ons”. Please do not order housing in WHOVA.

    What happens on WHOVA?: You will begin and complete the registration for the festival on WHOVA and will use it to participate in the festival. When you arrive at WHOVA you will begin the process by ordering the appropriate registration ticket “Member - Early Registration Fee”.
    You will see it and the cost of registration ($575) appear in your balance. You will be asked to select add-ons - DO NOT ORDER ANY HOUSING, we know which option you chose in payment plan. Proceed to select your workshops. At the bottom of the form, you will find a line to enter the discount code and apply it to remove the cost of registration.  You will then complete the registration survey and payment.


    Anything weird I should know about?: PofA members with a Couple or Senior Couple membership will need to register a guest in the payment plan for the other person wishing to join. We will not accept any other guest registrations.

    What happens if I don’t pay my invoice?: Our registrar will send a reminder to outstanding balances at the start of the last week. We will give you a 3-day late window before cancelling your registration and applying the refund policy below. If this happens after the payment plan offering window, we will not allow you to rejoin the plan and you will have to pay the full cost to re-register (and possibly lose your reserved workshops if they had a waiting list). We will not provide any credit for fees as they are transaction based and your will need to pay them again.

    If you have any questions please email: registrar@puppeteers.org

    - we are here to help.

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