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Current Grant Cycle

General Information

The Puppeteers of America Rose Endowment Fund was established in 1975 to honor the passing of a fine performer and great friend of puppetry, Rufus Rose. The Endowment Fund makes possible financial grants to active puppeteers for projects that will further the growth and development of the art of puppetry.

Contributions to the fund are invested and every other year awards are made from the interest that has accumulated. Awards generally range from $500 to $1000.

An Endowment Fund contribution is a fitting way to honor a departed friend of puppetry or to express thanks to a consultant, committee or guild. It is also a concrete way to express interest in and dedication to the art of puppetry. Contributions to the fund are tax deductible. As this fund grows, more money will be available for the financing of worthy projects.

What kinds of projects or needs are funded, and who is eligible to apply?

The first priority of the Endowment Fund Committee is the allocation of funds to support the development and creation of NEW PROFESSIONAL PUPPET PRODUCTIONS. These can include the production of new shows, the creation of experimental puppets or techniques, and the production of puppet related films, DVDs, videos, slide shows or publications.

After production grants have been awarded and if funds are available, puppetry projects in the field of education will be considered.

Any North American puppet company or individual puppeteer may apply for a grant from the Endowment Fund. Either the person making the application or one member of the applying company must be a current member of Puppeteers of America.

In general the Endowment Fund Committee will not fund transportation, living expenses, tours or performance bookings. Grants for equipment will be considered only if a specialized need can be demonstrated.

Proposals and requests for Endowment Fund grants are judged on the following criteria:

  • QUALITY: Is the project well developed, is it feasible, is the budget realistic?
  • CREDIBILITY: Based on your past performances and on recommendations. Visuals and a script outline are important.
  • IMPACT: Will the project serve as a pilot? Will it stimulate further activity? Will it help develop an artist or group? How large an audience will it reach?


  • Grant applications are due by April 15, 2021
  • Awards will be determined by mid-June, 2021
  • Money award will be available by August, 2021


After the Endowment Committee has reached a decision, each applicant will receive a letter stating whether or not the proposal has been funded. If it has been denied, reasons will be briefly explained. If the grant has been awarded a check will be issued at one of the regional festival, if they are held in 2021. If attendance is not possible the recipient may request that the check be sent by mail.


  • The grant must be used for purposes stated in the application. There is a time limit of two years for the completion of the project.
  • A credit line must be included in any printed publicity or program stating that “This project has been partially funded by a grant from The Puppeteers of America Endowment Fund.”
  • A grant to an individual or group does not constitute an endorsement by Puppeteers of America or Endowment Fund.

A final report or information announcing the completion of the funded project must be sent to the Endowment secretary by the end of 2022. A description, photos and publicity concerning the project are requested and may be printed in the PofA Journal and featured on the P of A website. It is understood that these are reproduced with the permission of the grantee.
Reports and information should be sent to:
Monica Leo, Endowment Secretary, 319 N. Calhoun, West Liberty, IA 52776
Phone: 319-627-2487 Email:


Application for a Puppeteers of America Endowment Fund Grant
This explains what we are looking for in each line of the application:

1. Name. The name of the individual who will sign the application form.

2. Organization or Company. Name of performing company or other organization.

3. Title of Project. Name of project, or any one or two word phrase by which your project can be quickly identified.

4. Address where correspondence should be sent.

5. Phone numbers. Current numbers where you can be reached from April to August.

6. Amount of your grant request. The range of endowments is $500 to $1000.

A. Total budget. Assuming that what you are requesting from the Endowment Fund is only a part of the total cost, please state the total.
B. Part of the project to be funded. What specific part of the project do you want us to fund? What, in particular, will the money be used for? We want to see how we fit into the development of your project. Note that one third of the grant may be earmarked for creative time.
C. Complete budget breakdown. This should give a detailed picture of how the grant will be used.
D. Project completion date. Give a realistic estimate as to when the project will be finished. There is a two year limit to complete the project. If this deadline is passed, the grant must be returned or an application for an extension of time must be made and approved by the Endowment Fund Committee.

7. Description of project. This is where you make your case for funding. Write a one sentence summary of your project in the space provided and then use a separate page to describe what you propose to do in more detail. Include information on your target audience, the style of puppets to be used and the style of your production. We need to get a clear picture of what you have in mind and be able to judge whether your project is well thought out and meets the criteria of quality and impact as listed in the guidelines. Include a synopsis of the plot.

8. Other grants. We need to know if you are receiving or have applied for other funding.

9. Membership in Puppeteers of America. If yes, add the expiration date of your current membership. If no, you must, or someone in your company must be a member before this application will be accepted.

10. Enclosures. Additional material will help enhance your application. Anything that can demonstrate or reflect the artistic style of your proposal would be most useful. Please include photographs or drawings. You should include examples of puppet designs from previous work. Include resumes of all major participants and newspaper clippings, reviews, letters of recommendation from people familiar with your productions or artistic work. We will accept a maximum of 6 documents and 5 images of your choice. You are also welcome to email a link to an online video of your work, or mail a DVD.

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