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Puppeteers of America

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Since 1937 Puppeteers have proudly been members of this organization. You could be too!

Memberships last a year from the date of purchase and are available for both individuals and professional companies. Purchase a membership for yourself, your company, or buy a membership as a gift for someone else!


There are many benefits that come with a membership to Puppeteers of America. As a member, you will have access to:


The Puppetry Journal

The magazine of Puppeteers of America appears four times a year. Each issue contains color photographs and articles covering all aspects of Puppet Theater and features the work of PofA members.


Liability Insurance

Very often performers are required to carry liability insurance. Members may purchase a million dollars of liability coverage at a very nominal annual cost through the Puppeteers of America. This service is only for members of Puppeteers of America.


Are you an artist or a group that has your sights set on grants or sponsorships for your puppetry project? Consider PofA as your fiscal agent in applying for this funding. Fiscal sponsorship allows an organization without Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) tax- exempt status to receive funds via an established nonprofit with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. More info is here: Puppeteers of America - Fiscal Sponsorship


National & Regional Puppetry Festivals

  • The National Festivals, sponsored by the Puppeteers of America, are intensive, week-long conferences held every other year in a different region of the country.
  • Regional Festivals conducted in alternate years are usually hosted by local Guilds and are of shorter duration. There may be several regional festivals happening around the country in any given year.
  • Puppet theatre productions of many styles are performed by award winning artists and newly discovered talent. Late evening events provide a venue for anyone to show brief performance pieces. All are welcome.
  • Festivals typically feature workshops on all aspects of puppetry, exhibits of contemporary and historic puppets, and a puppetry store.
  • The highlight for many puppeteers is the opportunity to reunite with old friends, make new friends and network.
  • Members of the Puppeteers of America enjoy a discounted registration to all puppetry festivals.



  • The Puppeteers of America offers three scholarships that cover registration at National Puppetry Festivals to assist those members who might otherwise not be able to attend.
  • The Emma Louise Warfield Memorial Fund provides assistance to adult members.
  • The Mike & Frances Oznowicz Youth Scholarship was created to help our younger members to attend a festival.
  • The Bernice Silver Festival Grant provides assistance for seniors.

The Rufus and Margo Rose New Works Fund Grants

  • The fund was established in 1975 to honor Rufus and Margo Rose and is available to all members. Members are eligible to apply for small project grants. Awards generally range from $500 – $1000 and are usually adjudicated and distributed every other year (currently in conjunction with the National Puppetry Festival cycle).


Audiovisual Library

  • The Puppeteers of America Audiovisual Library was established as a resource center and archive for the recorded history of puppets. The archive collection is now at the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry, 1 Royce Circle, suite 101B University of Connecticut, Storrs CT 06268. The curator is John Bell. To view the collection contact program assistant, Emily Wicks.
  • The second collection is at the PofA office. You may request DVD’s on loan from the AV Library. To request a catalogue listing, contact the PofA office. The only requirement is that you pay for shipping both ways.

The Puppetry Store

Puppetry Store is available at all National festivals and some Regional festivals. It is a great source for books, DVD’s, and instructional materials. Consigned goods are a great way to help pay for festival expenses as well as pick up incredible puppets and accessories.

Puppeteers of America
310 East 38th St, Suite 127
Minneapolis, MN 55409