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Award Nominations


Nominations for The 2023 Puppeteers Of America Awards open Monday April 17th
through Monday May 19th

Do you know any individual or group that has made an extraordinary contribution to the art form? Please submit your nomination for one of the PofA Awards!

Any member of Puppeteers of America may submit a nomination for an award.

The Puppeteers of America Awards Committee delights in giving recognition for achievements in the Art of Puppetry!

The awards committee is entirely independent and its decisions are final. The awards presentation takes place national festivals. Each recipient receives a special PofA medallion along with a certificate.

  • THE PRESIDENT’S AWARD: For outstanding contributions to the Art of Puppetry.
  • THE DIRECTOR'S AWARD (Formally Trustee's): For outstanding service to The Puppeteers of America organization.
  • THE PUPPETEERS OF AMERICA AWARD: For contributions to puppetry by persons or groups not immediately involved in the field.
  • THE JIM HENSON AWARD FOR INNOVATION: For innovation in puppetry that is technological, dramaturgical or collaborative in nature.
  • THE GEORGE LATSHAW AWARD FOR WRITING: For accomplishments in writing and publishing in the field of puppetry.
  • THE MARJORIE BATCHELDER McPHARLIN AWARD: For puppetry-related contributions in the field of education and therapy.


Write a profile telling the committee about the accomplishments of the nominee (one page maximum). Materials supporting a nomination may include links to articles by and about the candidate; copies of awards, citations, or anything that can help to document the expertise and abilities of the nominee.

Some things to be mindful of before nomination:

  • Any member of PofA may submit a nomination.
  • You must not nominate yourself.
  • It is best to keep the nominations secret; do not tell those you are nominating or broadcast who you have nominated.

The committee receives nominations from the membership and studies them. All nominations are carefully considered.

Nominations may be submitted to the Award’s Committee Chair

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