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Does this suit make my hips look wide?

The mink coat comes to life!
Original artwork by Henry Mayo

I’ve heard it said, “There is nothing sexier than a guy in a suit” I am focusing on Ghostbusters for a few blogs because there is an upcoming documentary Cleaning Up The Town, Remembering Ghostbusters, and also the planned re-release of the films next month for the 25th and 30th anniversaries. This week I want to introduce you to two characters from Ghostbusters 2, the Scoleri Brothers. In Ghostbusters 2, Tony and Nunzio Scoleri were ghosts of prisoners executed by the same judge who is hearing the Ghostbusters case. The concept of the Scoleri Brothers was inspired by a pair of…

I Got Slimed!

From the collection of Robin Shelby and Jonathan Le Target

I remember being on set under hot lights, sitting under Slimer as soggy bread, warm mozzarella cheese, slimy cold cuts and K-Y jelly drizzled down on me. I remember thinking (and not for the last time) that the glamorous image of making movies was greatly overstated.  This summer marks 30 years since the release of Ghostbusters and 25 years since the release of Ghostbusters 2.      In 1988 I was part of a team brought to ILM (Lucasfilm’s special effects company in Marin) to help create the creatures for Ghostbusters 2. Creature designer, Tim Lawrence was in charge of bringing…

The Spring 2014 Puppetry Journal is Here!

Spring 2014 Puppetry Journal

Be sure to check your mailbox – PofA members should be receiving copies of the Spring 2014 Puppetry Journal any day now. This journal features a wonderful article by Nancy Staub all about the 1980 World Puppetry Festival.  Want to check it out?  You can!  Get a sneak peak inside this wonderful publication and read Nancy’s article here.  Then become a member and enjoy receiving a journal of your very own and reading all the great articles inside. Special thanks to our wonderful Puppetry Journal editor, Paul Eide, who puts together our quarterly magazine.  This issue in particular is really…