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Bob Baker’s Story – by Marianne Mettes

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I am turning my blog over this time to the wonderful Australian puppeteer, Marianne Mettes.  A few years ago she toured the states going to festivals and meeting puppeteers everywhere she went.  She spent a day with Bob Baker and wrote about her visit with him.  See you next time- Camilla From Marianne:  Bob Baker’s story – how he told it to me in a one-on-one conversation on the 3rd of July, 2010.  For more info on his life and theatre and performance credits – visit his website. When Bob was 6 years old, already trained in piano and dramatics…

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In Memory of Bob Baker

Bob Baker in 2008 with some of his marionettes. (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

Bob Baker’s magnificent contributions to the art of puppetry earned the Puppeteers of America, President’s Award in 1987. He was a member for more than 60 years. His first of many festival performances was in 1957. Nancy Staub wrote, “Bob was an amazing, sweet man, not just a creative, outstanding puppeteer. He and his partner Alton worked tirelessly and unheralded during the 1980 World Puppetry Festival in D.C. They noticed the box office staff was overwhelmed and pitched in! He shared his talent and energy with generosity and grace.” A wonderful memoriam article about Bob can be found at latimes.com.