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Chucky, “Your Best Friend”


When I tell people I worked on the Chucky puppet for Childs Play, I get one of two reactions.  Either the person takes a physical step back away from me, their face darkens, and they mumble something like “I hate that movie and everything in it!” or….their face lights up, they squeal with delight, and (occasionally) ask for my autograph.  Now, I should qualify that with the information that the latter group consists of boys from 9 to 14 years of age.  But if you are working with preteen boys and you are a woman who is old enough to…

Mienke van Zyl, puppeteer


Mienke van Zyl is a very talented South African artist. You can check out her Facebook page to see more of her wonderful creations, facebook.com/MienkeVanZyl?fref=ts. From the video description:  I approached Mienke about doing a profile of her. Mienke was kind enough to let me film her as she made a marionette of a foal. We had some great discussions about puppetry and how it still plays a role in our lives. Mienke is an accomplished artist and was invited to give a talk in Bialystok, Poland at the International Conference Dolls and Puppets as an Artistic and Cultural Phenomenon 2014….

The Puppets of Captain EO

Michael Jackson Music Videos

In 1986, Michael Jackson collaborated with Disney Studios to create a 3D film, exhibit, for the Disneyland theme parks. Pop King, Michael Jackson was always an aficionado of Walt Disney. He was known to visit the park, often in disguise.  He built a miniature theme park on his property; Neverland,  inspired by Disneyland. The film was to be called Captain EO and would be an installation in Disneyland, Epcot and some of the overseas Disney theme parks.  The film tells the story of Captain EO, played by Michael Jackson, and his alien crew of goofy misfits who are on a…