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René Zendejas, Master Puppeteer, 1929 – 2014


The Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry is very sorry to announce the passing of René Zendejas, a master puppeteer known around the world during his 75-year career.  Child actor, dancer, puppeteer and puppet craftsman, René was a powerful talent who has inspired so many others in our community and beyond.  He recently suffered a stroke and passed away this morning. Our deepest condolences to his partner Jon Buratti, his many friends and fans. We will share information about memorial events to honor René when details are finalized.

UNIMA-USA scholarship for 2015

The UNIMA-USA scholarship committee is now accepting applications for 2015 to take a workshop abroad. The deadline for applications is December 1st, 2014. The committee will review applications in early December, and will notify candidates of their decision by December 31st 2014. Please check the UNIMA-USA site: http://www.unima-usa.org/scholarships/ Please, propose the workshop you wish to follow; if you have any questions or you need information about master workshops abroad, please, contact Irina Niculescu at:scholarship@unima-usa.org.

Chucky, “Your Best Friend”


When I tell people I worked on the Chucky puppet for Childs Play, I get one of two reactions.  Either the person takes a physical step back away from me, their face darkens, and they mumble something like “I hate that movie and everything in it!” or….their face lights up, they squeal with delight, and (occasionally) ask for my autograph.  Now, I should qualify that with the information that the latter group consists of boys from 9 to 14 years of age.  But if you are working with preteen boys and you are a woman who is old enough to…