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Direct Relief Fund for Puppet Artists

One of the key tenets of Puppeteers of America is to foster and support community. Because of social distancing measures necessary due to COVID-19, many in our community have lost work doing what we love -- performing, teaching, and sharing the art of puppetry in all its forms. To that end, Puppeteers of America, in partnership with UNIMA-USA, announces a new initiative: a Direct Relief Fund for Puppet Artists. This fund began with seed money from Cheryl Henson and Heather Henson specifically for this purpose, with the hope it can be sustained with merchandise purchases and support from ongoing donations.

Who is eligible?
Individual artists who are members of PofA or UNIMA-USA (or have been within the last year) who have documentation of a minimum of $500 paid work in the field of puppetry from between January 1, 2019 - March 1, 2020. The type of work may include performing, building, teaching, selling handmade puppets, coaching, consulting, wrangling, and other activities as approved by the fund committee.

How does it work?
Applications will be open until Sunday, December 27th. Qualified recipients will be notified on or before Monday, January 11. Previous recipients are eligible to apply for round 2, however their applications will be considered only after new applications are processed.

Who put this together?
The Fund Committee includes representatives from Puppeteers of America, UNIMA-USA, and IBEX Puppetry. We are Dustin Curtis, Alex U. Griffin, Paul Robinson, Jessica Simon, and Chad Williams.

How can I help?
Make a donation to the fund and spread the word! Please share this information with anyone you know may be eligible to apply.

When you make a donation to the Puppeteers of America, your gift in any amount has far-reaching and long lasting effect. Your gift may underwrite a new and exciting puppet work, assist a member in attending a PofA festival, or help in other ways to promote and support the organization. Besides the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve furthered the cause of puppetry and puppeteers, you will also be recognized here for your gift.

Thank You!

The Direct Relief Fund began with seed contributions from Cheryl Henson and Heather Henson and has continued to grow through generous donations from the Marc Dunworth Foundation for the Performing Arts, the Dragon Con Fund of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, UNIMA-USA, and numerous individuals. Thank you all for supporting community by either your donations or merchandise purchases! Thank you!

Eva Adderley
Robert Amico
Pam Arciero
Lee Armstrong - Images in Motion Media, Inc.
Alexandra Ashworth
Grant Baciocco - Under The Puppet
Paula Bacolini
Kendall Bailey
Jennifer Bain
Kerry Sue Bartelt & David Hulse

Aretta Baumgartner

Sara Begley
Johan Beyerly
Taylor Bibat
Michael & Lauren Bird
Laura Bonar
Kori Bormann
Amy Boyle Johnston
Pat Brady

Jonathan Brangwynne

Jamie Bressler

James Brooks
Beau Brown
Brian Brown - BSB3 Photography
Karen Bruce
Heather Caplap
Cheryl Cappezuti
John Carter
William Casey - In honor of Joanne Schroeder

Tanya Cefalu
Frances Cheng
Shu-Yun Cheng
Yuk Yee Cheung
Jenni Cockrell
Trudi Cohen - Great Small Works

Ruth Coppersmith
Marc Considine
Juliana Cope - International Studio & Curatorial Program - on behalf of Deborah Hertzberg
Pamela Corcoran - Corcoran Puppets
Michael Courville - Open Mind Consulting

Kimberly Cox
Dustin Curtis
Rob Cutler - UConn
Kathleen David - No Strings Attached
Brett DeBruyn
Emily Decola
Houstoun Demere
Katrina Denney
Ryan Dosier
Paula Drammeh-Davis
Justin DuPont
Nancy Engen-Wedin
Jean Enticknap
Bonnie Erickson

Peter Erskine & Laura Denny

Madeline Esterhammer-Fic
Laurie Everitt
Steven Faddis
Jefferson Fietek
Michelle Finston
Kuang-Yu Fong - Chinese Theatre Works
Kathee Foran

Sarah Fornace
Oliver Frates
Sally Friedman
Ora Fruchter
Sheila Garg
Cameron Garrity
Katie George & Jon Velapoldi

Rachel Gibas
Jennifer Giddens
Deborah Glassberg
Kindred Gottlieb
Jean Goul
Alex U. Griffin
Art Grueneberger - Puppet Art Theater Co.
Alice Grunzke

Scott Gryder
Phil Guie

Cheryl Hadley

Christopher Hanks

Elizabeth Hara
Christopher Harris
Lisa Haslbauer
Kristin Haverty
Kate Heim
Dennis Hembree
Camilla Henneman
Lila Henry
Keely Herrick
Deborah Hertzberg

Doris Hicks
Jonathon Holt
Danny Housley
Philip Hubber
Kurt & Kathy Hunter
Rachel Jackson
Alyssa James
Lynn Jeffries
Anne Johnson
Pat Joles

Bryan Jones
Emily Jones
Liz Joyce
Patricia Judd - Beyond Storytelling
Gayle Kahane - Do-Little Productions

Stephen Kaplin - Chinese Theatre Works, Great Small Works
Martin Kettling
Tae Yeon Kim
Tim Knowlton
Karen Konnerth
Jonathan Korfhage
Diane Koszarski - Pink Flamingo Puppets
Adam Kreutinger
Amy Lancaster
Rebekah Lane
Robert Lane - Columbia Marionette Theatre
Louise Lapointe
Monica Leo-Jenks - Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre
Bobby LePire
Mark Lerman
Steven Lewis
Lauren Little
Kari Love
Katherine Luck
Robbie Lueth
Magraret MacLellan
Kimi Maeda
Adriana Manfredi
Anatar Marmol-Gagné
Ken Martinson
Theresa Mason

Shari Matthews
Christine Meiss
Valerie Meiss
Ann Mesritz Gronvold
Judd Millman
Troy Moon
Kenya Morgan
Wendy Morton
Stephen Mullinax

Charlotte Murphy
Roxanna Myhrum
Mary Nagler

Navaro Nehring

Pamela Nelson
Paula Neuhaus
Laurie Nickerson
Sarah Nolen
Aiven O'Leary
Evan O'Sullivan - O'Television Productions
Kate Olena
Ian Olson
Sibl Omalley
Claudia Orenstein

Shade Oyemakinwa
James Packard
Scott Pakudaitis
Christine Papalexis
Donald Parkes
Helena Pennington
Melissa Perenson
Bob Petrucci
Ferginho Philippee-Auguste
Stephanie Phillips

Charles Pillsbury
Karen Prell
Quinn Presgraves
Rachel Reeves
John Regan
Thomas Regan
Cheryl Revkin
Nancy Riggs
Kiera Robbins
Linda Roberts
Michael Robertson
Amy Robinson
Rachel Roccoberton
Nancy Rodrigues
Suzanne Roen
Karri Roper - Columbia Marionette Theatre
Alisa Rosenthal
Brenna Ross
Julie Ross
V Rossell

Alexis Rudd
Matt Sandbank - Matt Sandbank's Shadow Factory
Jane Schindler
Colette Searls
Mark Segal
Pam Severns
Sarah Sherburn-Zimmer
Jessica Simon
James Smith

Johanna Smith
Nancy Smith - Great Arizona Puppets
Pix Smith
Scott Smith
Carol Sterling - School Art league
Alissa Stoessel
Ryan Sullivan
Remington Swales
John Tartaglia - John Tartaglia Productions
Blair Thomas & Sheri Doyel - Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival

Roger & Jane Thomas

Sarah Thomas
Frederick W. Thompson
Elizabeth Tieman
Peggy Tollefson
Allan Trautman

Kaitlin Tredway
Carol Trobe
Lyssa Troemel
Allan Trautman
Gretchen Van Lente
Anna Vargas
J Gregor Veneklasen
Michael Vetere III
Mobi Warren
Nadra Wass
Natalie Wass
Jenelle Weidlich

Caroline Wendt
Amy West
Kevin White - nycstringpuller
Katy Williams
Linda Wingerter
Jim Witoszynski
Gregg Wright
Chole Ziner
Jonathan Zucker

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